Welcome to the new normal

Here we are in the next phase of 2020, even though it’s August it feels like we’ve already stepped into 2021, the primary reason being the vaccine is coming or at least it seems to be coming. For this reason, a lot of people are forgetting their masks and going out cause if they have […]

In memoriam of last week

It’s been about four weeks since unlock 1 began and the world is spinning into chaos. BLM protests are rocking the United States, political tensions have escalated with the neighbours of India, North Korea decided to bomb its own join liaison office to pressurize South Korea, Yemen is on the brink of being wiped off […]

Post-lockdown scenario

With cases in India going beyond the 1 Lakh barrier, the country has a lot to worry about. While lockdown 5.0 is in talks and will be implemented in cities whose cases are aggregating aggressively states have been given the autonomy to implement it in the way they would like. As comforting the autonomy is […]

Our adobe’s new CC: Covid communication

With life confined to four walls and the (hopeful) rise in men doing household chores has piled up on anxiety and work that was not dealt with before, especially for those who used to go to work everyday. Corporates that can’t handle the costs have cut off employees such as cure.fit, rather than making sure […]

A Covid-19 disruption

Media and all other industries have faced the worst comeback. Similar to the 2008 depression, the economy of the world is a curve we fight to keep alive while we try to suppress the Covid-curve. Many theories have popped up with Coronavirus being a biological warfare launched by China, however the President can neither confirm […]

Nature’s standstill for mankind

Talk about a series of misfortune events. Life isn’t the same as it was before, and it hasn’t brought about a severe change to how we used to live daily, but the necessity to do the same within four walls has caused a major setback in operating normally. The inability to step out of one’s […]

Public relations and an OG brand story

Public relations as one would know is about communicating between an organization and the publics. When communicating, whatever might be the mode of communication, it’s crucial to keep stakeholders informed. It is them who have invested in the company, anxiety about where their money has gone without their knowledge does not do good for the […]

The age of ‘disruption’

This topic came of at the top off my hat, partly to blame all the industry exposure that we’d been recently having, one recurrent theme that everybody who had been there and done that used one word, DISRUPTION. Combining along with the phenomena itself, an individual/product/service who indulges in this change in the industry is […]